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27 July 2017
Amazon shares rise 1.5% in early trade, making founder Jeff Bezos the world's richest person
Trump likely to sign a tough new sanctions bill that includes proposed measures targeting Russia
Turkish Central Bank keeps all key interest rates unchanged
Poland's investment rate has plunged to 20-year low, in stark contrast to government's plans of boosting it
BTC-E Charged in 21-Count Indictment for Laundering Funds from Hack of Mt. Gox
13 more people from Venezuela just added to @USTreasury OFAC SDN list
Uganda President reveals Army's Russia origin T-90 (44 reportedly delivered) and China origin Type-88-II MBTs for the first time
Trump to announce later today that Apple-supplier Foxconn will built manufacturing plant in WI - source
U.S. to sanction 13 officials of Venezuela's government, military, state oil company PDVSA - U.S. officials
Egypt's Air Force received 2 Rafale warplanes, 3 more will be delivered within months, the EAF will operate 14 this year.
Iranian foreign: U.S sanctions are unacceptable and presents a serious risk to nuclear agreement
EU ambassadors agree to add 4 people and 3 entities to its Russia sanctions list after the Siemens turbine scandal
Ukraine says UK court suspends judgment until Kyiv appeal of $3 billion Russia bond ruling
Gazprom stated that US sanctions could delay or stop the construction of Nord Stream 2
Russia says US sanctions vote 'step towards destroying' better ties: TASS
US. treasury dept crafting sanctions on Venezuela oil imports into U.S. but implementation not confirmed
BTC-e Timeline (UTC): 6:17 — The dump begins; 6:59 — 66.163 bitcoins leak from a cold wallet; 10:48 — BTCe goes offline
BTC-E cryptocurrency exchange is down for 10 hours, reports suggest 414000 BTC were traded there (1 billion USD)
New North Korea-related sanctions, including on Chinese entities, likely 'fairly soon' - Senior State Dept. official
Trump, in interview, says Apple's Tim Cook has 'promised me three big plants-big, big, big.'
Pacific Northwest announces B.C. LNG project will not proceed
2 Latvian banks fined for breaching North Korea sanctions after FBI investigation uncovers violations
Erdogan "We already signed the deal to buy S-400s from Russia. If we cant do what we want with the US, we should be looking for other ways."
Erdoğan: Greece has used S-300 missiles for years, why does it cause concerns when Turkey acquires S-400s
Videos obtained by CNN suggest the Russian government may be arming the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Barclays is said to have sold final part of oil trading book
Germany wants wider EU sanctions blacklist on Russia over Siemens Crimea turbines
Someone is either moving positions, blown up or getting out of commodities. Massive amount of blocks going through in crude options
Requirement of 100% compliance in OPEC+ deal to cut oil output to be included in monitoring committee protocol - Novak
Libya crude oil production is said to rise to 1.083M B/D